The Process

The Process

Wedding Business Branding

First Things First

You've decided that your brand needs to be revamped & you are interested in working with us (YAY). You will firstly fill in our enquiry form so we can schedule a brief, non obligatory chat to discuss your businesses vision. It is during this phone call that we can decide whether we are well suited.

The Perfect Match

We're the perfect match? If so, we will send you a price proposal tailored to your individual website design & branding needs. Should you choose to accept (and we hope you do), we require a 50% deposit.

Please sign here...

We will whiz you over a contract that outlines the project's steps. A full re-brand will take no longer than 8 weeks.

Let's get creative

This is our favorite part, we will begin by sketching out the logo designs and from there we will finalise (with your help) the colour palette, font & patterns. After this we will send you a document that outlines all of the content and images we require from you to develop the website.

The Beautiful Web Design

We will design you a fully responsive and effective website which reflects your brand and your business vision. Once you confirm that you are totally in Love, we will officially Launch the site....oh and you will also receive some lovely cupcakes to celebrate...check them out below...


We will schedule an hour coaching session to go over your new website and show you how to update it and publish blog posts.

Website Design for Wedding Businesses


How do I work with you?

Once you have sent us an enquiry via our form, we will schedule a call with you to see if we are well suited.  If we are indeed a perfect match we will then send you over a price proposal based on your branding requirements – if you choose to accept (&we really hope you do) we will require a 50% deposit before beginning the process.

How many projects to you work on at any one time?

We will only ever work with on business at a time as we would like to give you our full undivided attention throughout the branding process.

Can we pay Monthly?

Yes – that’s no problem. We do understand that a re-brand is a big investment to make and we would love to make it achievable for you. We do require a 50% project but we can split the remaining amount equally over 3 months.