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Wedding Marketing Workshops

We hold day-long wedding marketing workshops for all of you lovely wedding entrepreneurs across the UK. They are aimed at start ups and new wedding businesses that are in need of a push start. We understand that everyone has areas where they need help,  because, let’s be honest, we can’t be experts at everything. As wedding professionals, you can waste precious time and money trying to teach yourselves these things that don’t come naturally. Your efforts should be spent doing what YOU DO BEST, whether that’s capturing beautiful photographs or selecting your bridal stock.

These wedding marketing workshops will help you level up with all of that money you’ve invested into your website by sharing with you our sales strategy to book you more brides. We will share with you lots of tips & ideas to help you book more, or even your first bride. As well as, setting you realistic, yet ambitious goals.

We love hearing all of your fantastic ideas and will work with you on creating strategies to develop these. Oh, and be warned…we are self confessed social media geeks, so be prepared for analytical talk (basically the pretty graphs which tell you what’s working and why).

You will come away with a heart full of ambition, ideas and positivity. We will also provide you with your very own Guide to help you book more brides which you can refer to in times of need.

Chris Norton, Wedding Photographer
“Molly & Georgia’s expertise has given me the springboard my business needs in order to excel on the wedding industry. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone who wants to move forward in this competitive market”


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