Wedding Pros – What to Look for in a Website Designer

Wedding Pros – What to Look for in a Website Designer

What to Look for in a Website Designer

With technology constantly developing & changing, most websites will require a refresh every 2 years. If it’s time for an upgrade, how do you plan on finding the right website designer that you can trust? We get it, it’s pretty daunting. Finding the right man (2 ladies in our case ;)) for the job is so important, having worked in the industry for 4 years now, we have seen the good, the bad & the straight up ugly. To help you choose your website designer we have put together a list of things to consider….

1. Style What is their branding/website like? Do you admire their style and the portfolio they have presented? Can you visualize your business being portrayed in a similar way?

2. Correspondence Is the designer quick to respond to any questions you have? This can be indicative of how quickly your project will develop. There will inevitably be things you’d like to change so you need to work with someone who you can rely on for communication.

5. SEO. Please make sure that your web designer has an understanding of SEO and is able to build you a site that is easy to manage/update.

6. What do others say? Check that they can walk the walk, not just talk the talk & check their reviews on Social Media & on Google.

We would love to work with you on your website design project! Please feel free to ping us an email 🙂


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