Wedding Pros – Learn how to say No

Wedding Pros – Learn how to say No

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It’s only a two letter word but my god it can cause so much worry for wedding business owners.


This is because, as wedding pros we aim to please – we go out of our way to help clients achieve their dreams.

But all of the blood, sweat and tears that goes into our efforts costs us a lot of time & energy.

There needs to be a point where we say No.


Why Do we dread the word NO?


Scared of the drama?

Scared of losing clients?

Scared of losing business you can’t afford to turn away?


But these fears are usually irrational, if your gut feeling is to say No, then say the word.

Why you need to say No

There are a number of reasons that you may need to say No, for instance,

Perhaps you’ve spoken with a potential client who you just know isn’t going to gel well with how you work – It’s so frustrating when someone doesn’t share your outlook/vision.

Or perhaps you have too much work to take on another booking. It’s so tempting, but trust us, it’s exhausting.

Oh and what about those people that ask for constant discounts or a that little bit extra?  It may seem daunting to come back with a response as to why you cannot offer it, but if you don’t value your time then who will?


How to say No


Be Honest
Always tell the truth – those little white lies can and often will turn around & bite you on the backside!

Be Respectful & Polite
We tend to find that email can sometimes be interpreted wrong as you can’t convey an expression – so often a face to face/telephone meeting is best.

Be Assertive
Don’t go back on your word once you’ve said no.

Thank you,

Molly * Georgia x


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