Brand New Website for Jody Q Weddings

Brand New Website for Jody Q Weddings

Website Design for Wedding Businesses


When Jody contacted us we couldn’t have been more thrilled to have been approached by such a prestigious wedding planner and were itching to begin the web design process.

Words can’t accurately express how amazing it was working with Jody and learning more about her fantastic wedding planning company. Of course we were inspired by the beautiful events she has created, but it didn’t stop there. Jody’s business vision made the rebrand extremely rewarding – she creates exceptional memorable weddings for her clients because she loves what she does and she does it with passion,  which means her weddings are always personal, stylish and beautiful.  It was a real pleasure to infuse this passion into the web design.

Wedding Industry Web Design.

Here is the feedback we got from Jody on the work we carried out:

For the past couple of months, we have been quietly working behind the scenes, collaborating ideas, whilst being guided by two very talented and beautiful ladies, Georgia and Molly from Dream Weddings.

Dream Weddings are a marketing and branding agency for the wedding industry based in Cardiff, Wales who provide their incredible industry knowledge and services to other Wedding Industry professionals across the globe.

What Georgia and Molly have created for us with our brand new website, is beyond expectation and we are absolutely thrilled with the result.

Not only does it beautifully showcase some of our gorgeous weddings, but it also effortlessly embodies the style of Jody Q Weddings.

For a creative and professional businesses like mine, our website is our shop front. It is the first point of contact anyone has with us, so we needed to ensure the new site would create a really good first impression.

Planning what I wanted for the look and feel of the site didn’t happen overnight it quite literally took over 18 months of jotting down ideas and discussing these ideas back and forth with several different prospective designers, who although their work was very good, conveying my ideas to them just wasn’t hitting the mark.


One day out of sheer luck I found an article by Dream Weddings and decided to contact them and am so glad I did.

Conversing with Georgia and Molly of Dream Weddings, was a breath of fresh air.

We’re excited to share with you the newly launched site for Jody Q Weddings.
It was like the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly. Not only were my ideas being enhanced with creative suggestions it didn’t take long to realise WOW these girls are on the same page as me – they just got it. It was at this point I knew these lovey ladies were the only choice when it came to creating my vision and bringing it to life.

Being a wedding planner who specialises in weddings in Perth and Bali, I had to take a step back and focus on the core of our brand for Jody Q Weddings. That moment of clarity was pure and simple. We create exceptional memorable weddings because we put our heart and soul into making our clients vison come to life, we love what we do and we do it with passion,  which means our weddings are always personal, stylish and beautiful, just like the couples and their families we work with.

So I wanted our new site to reflect our love for what we do,  and the exciting prospect of meeting new couples who have their own story to be told, whilst  highlighting some of the amazing journey’s we have traveled with our cherished past clients, through beautiful images of their beautiful weddings.


A very special thank you to Ricky and Co photography as well as Maxtu Photography for being the masters behind the lens to images on our site and of course our incredible clients past and present.

A very heartfelt thank you goes to Georgia and Molly of Dream Weddings – Ladies, thank you so much for sacrificing your nights and days as well as weekends and time out with your families to bring our lovely new site to life.

Thank you for all of your guidance and suggestions and for always being available to converse with (even from one side of the world to the other!) the service we received from you both was impeccable. I highly recommend anyone wishing to have their brand taken to the next level to contact Georgia and Molly of Dream Weddings


Finally we now have an amazing site which will showcase our work and the amazing incredibly talented contributions from our elite suppliers.




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