Why your Wedding Business Needs to be using Instagram Stories

Why your Wedding Business Needs to be using Instagram Stories

We are Molly & Georgia – Creative Directors at Dream Weddings and we have something to confess. We have been unfaithful to something very close to our hearts. Snapchat, we’re so sorry.
Yes, we do adore those beautiful filters and who in their right mind doesn’t? But we have to admit that we’re falling for something else…
Instagram Stories
& you should be too.
When it was first launched we were totally not bothered, I mean leave it to Snapchat guys peleeaasee! Stop trying to steal the limelight.
But, once we gave it a try we became instantly enthralled. It is a fantastic tool for sharing your brand with your audience. Now, you can share real snippets from your life, as well as, the action that goes on behind the scenes – you know, all the fun bits that make you, you.


Why should your business be using Instagram?

– It will enable you to connect with your audience on a greater level and show them the heart of your brand.
– It will inspire your following.
– You can prove to people that you’re, an actual, real human being.
By sharing with your following, your day to day life, they will become more aware of who you are and what you stand for. You will develop a more personal relationship. The couples you are looking to attract are far more likely to work with you if they feel as though they can relate to you. Instagram stories are the perfect platform to do this. So get on it Wedding Pros 🙂 <3
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