The Branding Process – Yasmin Rose Bridal

The Branding Process – Yasmin Rose Bridal


Who here is guilty of thinking that design is easy? This can be because, as a viewer, you’re only able to see the finished masterpiece. What makes our branding method successful at Dream Weddings is the unique, individual elements that make up the initial research, process and design. We are excited to share with you the steps that we followed for the branding of Yasmin Rose Bridal.

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1) Discovering the Brand Story

As with all of our clients, Yasmin started out the process with a delicious cup of coffee in hand and a lot of questions thrown at her. We spoke about her ideal client, business goals, her individual style and things that inspired her. It is at this stage we were able to gain a true understanding of Yasmin’s vision and to what heights she wanted to take the company. This was, and always is, our favourite part, as we truly got to know each other.

Following our coffee meeting with Yasmin, we worked on creating an inspiration board containing information on the ideal client, brand words and business aspirations. This allowed us to ensure every detail of the businesses story was reflected in the branding. It allowed us to stay on track throughout the design process.


2) Logo Design

Once we had a very clear direction mapped out from our initial meeting, we came up with three bespoke variations that Yasmin reviewed before the final logo was chosen.


We presented her with three concepts:

  1. A fresh and modern font, infused with sophistication which was reflective of Yasmine’s high end, flawless bridal gowns.
  2. A romantic and relaxed calligraphy logo where we connected the flourishes to create a logo that was unique and distinctive.
  3. A truly elegant design with a strong Font. The weight of the letters made this design stand out and, in contrast, the rose bush added a true sense of soft, feminine beauty.

The Final outcome was the 3rd logo design with a pink overlay on the rose bush. Yasmin Rose Bridal now has a beautiful logo & Website which truly reflects her brand story. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the business grow & thrive over the past months and are excited to find out what the future holds for Yasmin Rose – We are sure it will be great.


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