3 Reasons to Write Your Copy Before You Rebrand Your Website

3 Reasons to Write Your Copy Before You Rebrand Your Website


Dream Client

You will find that as you begin to rebrand you will discover a lot of interesting information. You should come to a realisation of who it is you’d love to work with and once you know who your dream client is you will do everything in your power to entice them. Your website copy needs to really get into the head of your ideal client, so, you will need to discover their values & what they struggle with in order to create copy that solves their problems and encourages them to hire you as the professional.

Your Brand’s Story

Yes, it’s fantastic to have a beautiful website, with lots of gorgeous images but it’s not enough. An effective website will convert users into paying customers and will tell the story of your business and what you do. The team at Dream Weddings, before beginning any website design, will delve into your businesses goals and consider how the design will get the desired results. When you utilise your businesses story correctly, you will inform your audience of who you are & your values. This, in turn, will help to develop a personal relationship with those people….and people who feel connected to you are more likely to buy from you or use your services.

Unique Design

When you work with a professional web developer, you expect your website to be completely unique to your business. This is why we ask to receive all copy before we begin the design. This allows us to design a beautiful, responsive website that truly portrays your brand’s story.

Luckily, when you become a Dream Weddings client we will always provide you with advice and tips on how to write effective copy for your website and will always review any content to make sure it is the best it can be.

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