Grow your Wedding Business through Networking

Grow your Wedding Business through Networking

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Running a business can sometimes feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, especially when you try to do it all yourself. This is where networking comes in, it is a fantastic way to create your very own group of support/friends…could we call these wedding pro buddies? I think we can & we will.
Relationships established from networking events could be the secret to growing your wedding business. A great contact can be and will be the difference between a recommendation for your business instead of your competitor.

First Things First

In order to begin you will need to do some research into networking events in your area, psst, we will be hosting fun filled, informal, WEDDING INDUSTRY SPECIFIC networking events in Cardiff Bristol and Birmingham from October onward. Perhaps you could speak with your current Wedding Pro Buddies and ask what events they’d recommend?

Yes, it’s likely you will end up with a lot of suggestions, but each event you attend will have the potential to bring in new business and fantastic relationships.

Plan of Action

It can be daunting, and albeit, a little bit scary attending a new event, but if you keep an open mind and go in with a plan, you will do just fine.

Things to ask yourself are:
What is it that you want to get out of this event?
Are you going strictly to get your face out there and help boost referrals?
Or are you going to build your relationship with the community?

Let us just put it out there, it isn’t enough to just shake a few hands, you need to make a lasting impression. Everyone at the event has probably spoke to at least 10 other people, so make sure you have something different to offer.

Have your business cards on hand… what you don’t have any? Then get some 🙂 However, you should only pass them along if it feels appropriate. Make mental notes or real notes with the names and info about the people you want to connect with after the event.

Follow Up!

This tends to be where many people fall short. You need to make sure you follow up with the people you met.

It’s very poor show when you make a connection with someone and tell them that you will get in touch soon and never ever contact them again. It’s not just bad business etiquette, you are also letting your fellow wedding pro down. They may have been just as excited to speak with you again as you were with them, and by failing to contact them, you are potentially losing out on a great relationship…and ultimately new clients.

Just be you

Be yourself and genuine around others. Let your personality shine through, they will honestly remember you for it.

Our Wedding Industry Specific Networking Events will be taking place from October onward. They are for anyone in the wedding industry but especially for those of us who are self-employed. They will be a fantastic opportunity for wedding pros to get together, celebrate their successes, and build relationships within the industry.

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