Managing The Pinterest Bride

Managing The Pinterest Bride

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I’m sure many of you lovely wedding professionals have interacted with a Pinterest Bride at one point or another. I’ve read quite a few Facebook posts from wedding business owners complaining about the unrealistic expectations brides have for their services.

Pinterest allows brides to create inspiration boards containing the most perfect collages of towering cakes, flawless bouquets, and mouth-watering spreads. The photos used are often one off creations that cost a hell of a lot of money to produce. Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t come with that extra information and pricing guidelines…which does seem to be stressing many vendors out.

Picture this: A bride turns up to an appointment with a Pinterest board containing the most stunning and extravagant ideas (most likely taken from styled shoots) and expects you to be able to replicate them with her £10,000 budget.  

I’m sure all wedding vendors would love to be able to create such a beautiful and magical wedding for that price, but it just is not a possibility. So, how should you go about handling a Pinterest Bride?

Simple ask many questions & listen to the answers.

When a bride begins to show you her Pinterest Board of inspiration, try to understand that it is her ‘dream’ wedding. Take notes and really try to gain an understanding for her sense of style and you will soon be able to see her thought process.

Next, you’ll want to begin to pick it a part (strategically and cautiously)

For instance, “I love that cake too, what is it in particular you are drawn to?”

“I like the shape and those beautiful floral patterns”

Once you understand her style, begin to suggest how you would recreate it and give her an idea of the price. It is most likely that she will be gobsmacked. At this point, explain how you can design something that will implement the colours, shape and patterns she likes but make a few alterations to fit her budget. Ensure you show pictures of what you have in mind, as she will unlikely be able to visualise it as well as you.  This will allow your bride to have the things she loved about her Pinterest item but at an affordable price.

Once you have practised this technique, you will be able to work with Pinterest Brides rather than against them

  • Don’t be afraid to tell them the budget they have in mind will not work with their Pinterest board.
  • Explain the reality of their pictures of inspiration.
  • Have ideas and substitutions in mind.
  • Make your ideas visual.

As always get in touch for more info, we’d love to hear from you.

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