The EU Referendum and the Bridal Industry – An Article By Bridal Buyer

The EU Referendum and the Bridal Industry – An Article By Bridal Buyer

A survey by YouGov in February found that 96% of big businesses want to stay in the EU. The majority of large retailers [who voted to] remain in Europe fear the unknown, not only do they know the current system well, but they fear problems likely to be caused by Brexit.

Those […who voted to…] leave the EU argue that quitting will enable Britain to continue trading with the EU, save on the £billions that are handed over to the EU Commission and avoid new EU regulations that affect business and consumers. They believe this will allow British companies to develop new markets in other parts of the world.

On the other hand, those […who voted to stay in the…] EU, see Brexit resulting in major disruption to trade, a collapse of the sterling and years of negotiating before British firms can sells goods on the same terms. Unions fear that without the EU, employee rights could also be discarded. By leaving, Britain will have to reach agreements with the EU, and as a country that no longer has much experience negotiating trade agreements on their own, the Foreign Office will be stretched.

An economic crisis as the result of leaving could also affect consumers, with a drop in trade and mass unemployment, but those who voted Leave state that this loss will only be temporary, and soon Britain will establish its own stronger growth pattern.

What’s your thoughts?

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