SEO for Your Wedding Business Website

SEO for Your Wedding Business Website


When I was a child, my grandmother used to make these amazing coconut slices. I would watch her as she prepared all of the ingredients, combined them together and finally, placed them in the oven. This process seemed to take forever! All I wanted to do was eat them NOW!

SEO, for many, is kind of like that. Although, hopefully you won’t be drooling too.

Unfortunately, SEO doesn’t happen instantly. You need to combine the perfect mix of activity, and this, inevitably, takes time to master (nobody else can bake coconut slices like my grandma).

Having said this, there are a number of things you can do to improve your SEO.

Use Local Keywords

Many wedding businesses fail to use local keyword phrases on their website.

These are the words that brides and grooms are typing into Google when searching for your services. For example, wedding photographer Cardiff, London Makeup Artist, New York Wedding Flowers.

If you fail to use wedding business keywords it is highly unlikely your website will appear on page 1. Include these, and you will significantly increase your chances.

Where do you put those keywords?

Page titles.
Page copy
Image alt-tags

Get relevant links to your website.

Google will only rank your website if it sees that you post great content.  How does Google know this?

Although algorithms are constantly changing, one way Google looks for good content is if it sees other websites in the industry referencing you.

So, for the wedding industry, this will be getting wedding blogs, directories and businesses to include a link to your website. 

Idea:  Exchange testimonials that include a link to your website.

Get your website shared on social media.

If your website is shared on social media, Google sees that as it containing quality content. So, the more likes, comments and shares you can get the better!

Create new content.

You should be producing unique, quality content regularly. You should aim to update your website with new content once per week (minimum).

The content needs to include information that your target market are interested in. Oh, and make sure you use your local keywords.

So, how is your website performing? If you’d like further guidance please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you. <3

Molly & Georgia.


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