How Facebook Ads can work for your Wedding Business

How Facebook Ads can work for your Wedding Business

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Having spoken to a number of frustrated professionals in the wedding industry who have failed to see a return on investment from Facebook Ads, It is clear that they are often very keen to spread their horror story with other professionals. I’ve written this article to offer some tips on how you can make Facebook ads work for your wedding business.

I’m going to start off by saying, if you attempt to create a Facebook Ad without a customer centric strategy in mind, you are setting out to fail. The issue is, if you launch a single ad to an oblivious audience with a simple call to action such as “Book an Appointment”, how can you expect the sales to roll in?

OK, let’s put this into a real situation. Say a photographer wanted to promote an offer she had on for a free engagement shoot with every wedding booking. She created a beautifully designed voucher for this service and uploaded it to her Facebook Page, linked it to the promotional post on the website that gave further details, and then boosted the post to women in the local area who really enjoy cake baking and hikes.

What results would you expect? Nothing, Zilch, Nada.

When the results of this Facebook Ad failure were shared with other wedding professionals, many responded with similar experiences and suggested that Facebook Ads were a swindle.

I will now discuss the factors that affected the above scenario and suggest an alternative approach to Facebook Ads.

The downfall – The main issue with this is that the photographer failed to align her target market with this offer. She is reaching an oblivious, cold audience of women who most likely have no interest in photography services. Now, although there’s nothing wrong with offering a deal to potential customers, when it is promoted to a market that has no interest in your services, unfortunately it is extremely difficult to gain any substantial results.

The Solution – How about this instead? Say the photographer was to target women within a 100 mile radius that recently got engaged and promoted to them an ad to “like” her page? This would build her page audience meaning that her tips, blog posts, and engaging content would be reaching an interested audience. Once she has built up an awareness amongst her followers, say she then sent out an invite to sign up for newsletters featuring inspiration, stories and tips. Once this has been done, it is time for her to create a Facebook Ad which targets those that have already visited her website and Facebook page.

How do you think an ad like this would be responded to?

The main difference with this approach is that brand recognition has been built up, as well as, trust. You have already provided your audience with great value, by sharing your tips and inspirational ideas. When they eventually see an opportunity to book with you and get a great deal at the same time, they will be much more willing to take the next step.
Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the needs of your potential customers?
  • How can your Facebook ad service their needs?
  • Can you use “Like” ads to grow your audience for content that you’re sharing on your business page?
  • Are you able to use website click ads to encourage your audience to subscribe to your newsletter?

The team at Dream Weddings strongly believe in the potential Facebook has for business growth. We would love to have a chat with you about how you’d like to reboot your current strategy.

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