Think Like a Bride: What to Expect from The Wedding Industry in 2016

Think Like a Bride: What to Expect from The Wedding Industry in 2016

Wedding Business Marketing
Wedding Business Marketing

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Yes, there are statistics based on last year which we could take a look at, and yes we could consider the trends we see emerging. However, none of these truly matter to your business. What does matter to you is: whether the newly engaged brides are aware of you? If they are, are they interested in your services?

So…what is the current situation of the wedding industry?

  • 85% of brides who are looking for your services are first time brides
  • They will be spending a huge amount of money on a one day event.
  • They will be experiencing high stress levels.
  • They will be heavily influenced by their family, friends and cultural traditions.

Are you disappointed on the return on investment from your advertising? You are sure that many brides have seen your advertisement, but still have had very few responses. 9 times out of 10, this is because the brides are confused.

It’s not necessarily that your marketing is confusing, but because they have a totally new mind-set brought on by the stress of wedding planning.

I’ve come up with 3 things that brides consider when looking for their wedding services. If you focus on these factors in your advertising, you will be able to fuel the interest of more brides.

On their wedding day Brides:

  • Want to Impress.
  • Want everyone to Enjoy.
  • Want to Win.


Good luck 🙂 Get in touch for further guidance. 

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