Should you Outsource your Blog?

Should you Outsource your Blog?

Website Design for Wedding Businesses

As a wedding professional you will be aware that CONTENT IS KING. In order to improve and maintain your Google ranking your website needs to be updated regularly with blog articles. These then need to be shared across all of your social media pages.

But why aren’t you doing it?

Below are just a few of the responses I’ve had to this question and I’m sure you can relate.

  • I can’t think of topics to write about.
  • I struggle with writing.
  • It takes too much time.
  • I have no readers of my blog anyway.

Although these issues are understandable, it doesn’t take away the fact that blogging needs to be a part of your business. However, maybe you aren’t the right person to write such articles. Perhaps your skills lie in design, baking or editing the beautiful images you’ve captured?

But how will you continue your marketing activity? If you can’t do it, who can?

Work with a professional:

There are many talented freelance writers than can develop your content to whole new levels. We don’t just write on current topics, we understand the nitty gritty bits, such as, keywords, duplicate content, SEO, and catchy headlines.

A Guide to finding the right freelance writer:

First and foremost, you need to choose a writer who well and truly understands the industry, the target market and is genuinely interested in the uniqueness of your business.

This is what freelance writers require:

  • A list of keywords that brides/grooms are using to search for your business
  • Some guidance on the type of topics you would like the blogs to cover.
  • Images that showcase your work.
  • A strong working relationship.

Freelance writers will provide you with:

  • Fantastic, interesting blog posts that utilise keywords.
  • Search Engine Optimized images.
  • Compelling Headlines to capture interest.
  • Social Media sharing service.

The next time you are sat in front of the telly, driving yourself crazy attempting to get that damned blog post written, think about how nice it would be to be able to unwind with a glass of wine and some chocolate instead?

Contact me for assistance 🙂

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