Things to Avoid when Choosing your Wedding Dress

Things to Avoid when Choosing your Wedding Dress

Choosing the wedding dress

I think that we may all be guilty of critiquing people’s fashion choices.  However, when it’s your wedding day, you know the tables will turn.  It will be you wearing the wedding dress that is there for all to see. Scary right?

Your wedding dress is the queen of all dresses, the one that lives on through pictures and videos for many years. The team at Dream Weddings have put together a few things to avoid when searching for the dress in order to make your search for the ‘the one’ easier.

Don’t Believe what you See on TV

Are you a ‘Say Yes to The Dress‘ junkie? Thought so. Having watched hundreds of these episodes you probably have the perfect idea of how it will be when you find your dress. You would break down in tears and hug anyone in the vicinity.

In reality, not everyone will have that reaction, you may just feel like the dress looks good and you are perfectly happy with it. If you don’t experience that ‘Say Yes to The Dress’ moment, please try not to doubt your decision. There is no need to agonize over your reaction.

No Need to Rush

Ever purchased a dress only to find it in the sales a couple of weeks later? Yeah, me too. It is an awful feeling and the same goes for finding your dream wedding dress. There’s no need to be in a hurry.

If you try on a dress and fall in love with it instantly, don’t buy it straight away, go away and see when the designer is next holding a trunk show. That way you’ll have your dream dress at a discounted price.

It would be a good idea to keep in mind that the trends change from year to year.  For instance, a dress that was fashionable when you first got engaged may not be by the time you get married. However, this by no means is saying that you should wait too long, wedding dresses take up to 8 months to be delivered.

Don’t forget that designers showcase their work in April and October.

Don’t Stay Still

On your wedding day you will not be standing on a podium, holding in your stomach, you will be moving around, a lot! You also need to be sure that you can sit down in the dress. You don’t want your rib cage and organs to be crushed every time you sit down to eat! So…sit, bend over, do the ‘Cha Cha Slide’, just be sure that you will be 100 % comfortable.

Do Not Forget the Photographs

In order to see the glimpses people will get of you on your big day, take pictures of yourself in the dress from many angles. Your dress needs to flatter you from the front, back and everything in between.
You should also have a look at how the fabric of the dress photographs. For instance, satin looks beautiful in person but can appear creased in photographs. Remember, it’s the photographs that will last for years to come.

Don’t forget your Partner

You are likely to be asked by wedding dress consultants ‘what style are you looking for’. But have you asked your partner what style he likes?  You may be absolutely in love with a mermaid tale gown but he may loath them. Guys tend not to care what is ‘in fashion’, they care about how the outfit will make you look and feel.

If you don’t stop to ask for your partner’s opinion, you could walk down the aisle in a totally on trend mermaid tale dress which your girlfriends all love but they hate.  Remember that although your fiancé loves you and will think you look great in anything, they’re the person you should be dressing for.

Whether you break down in tears or choose to wear a mermaid tale which you can’t breathe in, remember that everyone is unique and everyone’s shopping experience will be too.

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