Reasons to Hold your Wedding in the Autumn Months

Reasons to Hold your Wedding in the Autumn Months

Autumn Wedding

People are Less Likely to be on Holiday

The team at Dream Weddings know that Autumn is generally the time of year where you are settling down after your summer holidays and catching up with friends.  However, holding a wedding in autumn could mean that you will have more attendees, as well as, lots of interesting conversation topics as you catch up after a long summer. Who knows, your dream photographer may even be available, not to mention your photographs will look great with your glowing, sun kissed skin!


You don’t need to be like the many other optimistic couples, praying for their beautiful, sunny wedding day, by choosing to get married in autumn, you can expect it to be slightly colder and prepare for it in advance. Just imagine, all of the different clothing choices…long-sleeved dresses, full length coats to glam faux fur…the possibilities are endless.  Although, if you do happen to be blessed with beautiful autumn sun, it’ll just be an amazing surprise.

Ersa Atelier

                          Dress by Ersa Atelier

Autumn Colours

You can make use of the gorgeous flowers that flourish in the crisper seasons, such as orange dahlias, echinacea and stunning roses. Use these beautiful seasonal tones in your bouquets and decorations. ~

Wedding Flowers South Wales













As we’ve said, there’s many benefits to holding your wedding in the autumn months, however, many will still opt for a summer weddings, which for you, means considerable savings on your chosen venue.

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